Yeti Videography

I produced a number of short videos while working at Yeti, a small digital product studio. These videos were always meant to inform, either by breaking down a part of our process or by simply highlighting the talented people who made it all possible.

My videos were often utilized in marketing collateral like newsletters and blog posts and sent to prospective clients to secure new business.

Meet the Yetis

Created over the course of four years, this was the longest-running series I produced while at Yeti. I sought to reveal the faces and personalities of the people bringing our digital products to life.

Grilling Tim

In this short series I grilled our director of strategy for his opinion on current events in the tech industry.

Introduction to Agile Development

I created this three part series to help explain our product development process. It was often sent to new or prospective clients to visually describe how our working engagements would be structured.


A company offsite at the rodeo, a much needed system for office chores and an explanation of our discovery workshop process.


Next up:

A documentation of daily life at a small digital product studio.